We serve all types of commercial customers; construction, heating and cooling, manufacturing, plumbing, municipalities, and more!


Our recycling facility is open to the public! You’re welcome to bring in old appliances, wire, tools, cart parts, or any metals you have lying around.

Roll-off Containers

We’ll deliver a scrap metal roll-off dumpster to your location. Our containers come in various sizes. Call us and ask about our roll-off services.

Pro-Green Recycling

Who We Are

Pro-Green Recycling is a family-owned metal recycling facility. With over 35 years of experience in the scrap metal recycling industry, you can trust us to properly dispose of your metals.

Pro-Green Scrap Metal Recycling in Redford and Detroit, Michigan

Quick & Easy

Why PGR?

We understand as a business owner or residential customer, you may be looking to make extra cash with recyclables. Come utilize our full-service metal recycling solutions! PGR offers competitive pricing and we pay top dollar in Redford.

Pro-Green Scrap Metal Recycling in Redford and Detroit, Michigan
Pro-Green Scrap Metal Recycling - Aluminum and Steel Rims


Let's Recycle

We buy everything made of metal! Pro-Green Recycling accepts both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. You can help the environment, contribute metal to new steel product, and make extra money.

It’s a quick and easy process. Our average customer spends 15 minutes or less at our establishment.



Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our recycling experts.

At this time we do not accept any of those materials as recyclables. Contact us and we can connect you to one of our resources.

Yes, we pay the same day for certain types of metals while other metals we must comply to Michigan’s amended Scrap Metal Regulatory Act – click here. With these specific items and metals, anything over $25 (daily limit) will be sent through the mail.

Mainly copper products and catalytic converters.

Metal prices change with supply and demand and fluctuate in a similar way that stocks do. Call us to get more information on current pricing.

– Come in a vehicle
– Bring your identification
– Register with us at the front desk

After you may weigh your metals, and during this process, it’s important to separate all metals for best pricing. Each commodity can vary on pricing depending on what it is.

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