Ferrous Processing

Pro-Green Recycling offers ferrous processing to Metro Detroit and Redford, Michigan

What Are
Ferrous Metals?

Ferrous metals are those that contain iron and are more durable than non-ferrous metals.

These durable metals are most commonly used in architectural and industrial fabrication. Great examples of ferrous metals are skyscrapers, automobiles, railroads, bridges, and appliances.

Ferrous metals are mostly magnetic. The exceptions are wrought iron, because of its iron purity and stainless steel because of chromium.

Chromium helps stainless steel from rusting!

Other alloy steels: Lightweight metals such as chromium, nickel, titanium are added to strengthen other metals without adding weight.


At Pro-Green Recycling we offer environmentally safe ferrous processing. All materials are sorted and stored in bins and containers. We also offer a variety of roll-off containers ranging from 10 to 80 yards.