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Pro-Green Recycling is open to the public! Located in Redford and ready to serve all of Metro Detroit.



Dropping metals off at Pro-Green Recycling is easy! Separate your metals to maximize profits. If you need help identifying metals, our experts are ready to help. After, we will weigh your metals and pay you based on the market price.



At Pro-Green Recycling we appreciate your business and our return customers. Our cash rewards system is a great incentive to get back money as you recycle. After you register with us, ask us about our punch card to find out just how you can do that!



When you walk in our door, our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with the entire process of recycling – that includes our customer service. We are proud to say that we have the quickest service among our competitors in the Metro Detroit area.

Pro-Green Recycling has some tips to help you with scrap metal recycling!

Separate Metals

Metals are worth different values per pound. When you separate metals, you can increase your profits.

Break Down

If possible, take apart old appliances, air conditioners, heat pumps, and washing machines. See our copper article – click here.

Talk to Neighbors

Speak with a neighbor and see if they have any metal recyclables. Maybe they will let you take it off their hands.

Safety First

Wear gloves, eye protection, and hard hats. Metals have very sharp points and jagged edges that can easily slice or puncture the skin.


Learn About Ferrous Processing

If you’re planning on recycling metal regularly, it would be helpful to get a magnet. You can detect most ferrous metals by using a magnet beside stainless steel and wrought iron.


Learn About Non-Ferrous Processing

Non-ferrous have no iron content, they have a high resistance to rust, weaker than ferrous metals, and do not stick to magnets. These metals are worth much more than ferrous metals.

11 Years in Business / 37 Years of Experience

With many years of experience, you can trust us to give you sound advice on recycling scrap metal.