Non-Ferrous Processing

Pro-Green Recycling offers non-ferrous processing to Metro Detroit and Redford, Michigan

What Are Non-Ferrous Metals?

Non-ferrous metals are those that contain little iron and are less durable than ferrous metals.

These less durable metals are generally more costly than ferrous metals due to their more desirable properties such as low weight, high conductivity, and resistance to rust.

Non-ferrous metals, in 2017, the U.S. scrap industry processed more than:

– 3.7 million metric tons of aluminum
– 0.86 million metric tons of copper
– 1.07 million metric tons of lead and zinc

A majority of non-ferrous metals in use today were previously recycled!

Non-ferrous metals we accept are aluminum, copper, brass, and lead. Learn where to find copper – here.

Pro-Green Scrap Metal Recycling, Copper Wire, Non-ferrous Metals
Pro-Green Scrap Metal Recycling, Brass and Non-Ferrous


At Pro-Green Recycling we offer environmentally safe ferrous processing. All materials are sorted and stored in bins and containers. We also offer a variety of roll-off containers ranging from 10 – 80 yards.
Pro-Green Scrap Metal Recycling, Aluminum Scrap Recycling
Pro-Green Scrap Metal Recycling, Brass and Non-Ferrous